A Stray Bullet

Title: A Stray Bullet [107 pages / minutes present run time]

Genre: Biography, Romance, Tragedy, Drama, Martial Arts Action


Abandoned like a small child, a man gets older in an orphanage and then struggles to outlive prison and overcome impossible odds to get God, redemption and forgiveness for any tragic mistake.


Noah, with the age of eight, is managing his mother inside the housing projects in East Tampa when his absentee father comes for any visit after being gone for two main years. After your firm stand out and a slap within the face by his mother, he leaves her to visit to Swainsboro, Georgia along with his father and, after about five months, his father abandons him assisting the road. He is picked up for the deserted rural road by way of a random greyhound bus driver who efforts to get Noah returning to his mother’s home in East Tampa but she rejects Noah by slamming the entrance in his face and, unsure what else to accomplish he wanders all night, choosing Ybor City.

He contemplates suicide but rather, accidentally shoots and almost kills his secondary school girlfriend and her father. Sentenced to many years in prison, he or she is recruited becoming a dog boy about the prison’s canine squad to look for escaped prisoners risking his life by gun-fire. After a couple of years tracking and capturing escapees, they are paroled to finish college where he continues his education and graduates. He then earns a masters and doctoral degree in psychology that can help others find God for many years within his own private practice eventually being granted the whole pardon through the Governor (Lawton Chiles) of Florida in 1993.

Screenplay Writer: Howard Henderson

Director: TBD

Cast: TBD

Executive Producer: TBD

Producers: TBD

“A gun changes everything… a bullet is forever.” – Bob Lee Swagger

In this period of gun violence and mental illness, this film is required now inside your.

You haven’t solicited my materials but, I’m only sharing my “amazing, compelling and, engaging” story that might win someone regarding it an Oscar nomination should it be well cast, and marketed correctly. So, I know you need more… everyone requests for more on this story.

‘A Stray Bullet’ is undoubtedly an “amazing, poignant and, compelling” story of faith and hope, as well like a tragic story of redemption and forgiveness… (based on my critics)

We believe everyone may wish to see this film…

Here resemble films:

Cider House Rules (1999) meets Shawshank Redemption (1994) meets Good Will Hunting (1997). Much like Nights In Rodanthe (2008) except, Howard Henderson isn’t a Nicholas Sparks so, no-one dies and, it features a triumphant, happy ending, considerably more like Rudy (1993) given his triumphant, happy ending.


“Otherwise Mrs. Lincoln, how do you like the play?”

I’m a retired psychologist living on Merritt Island over East Coast of Florida.

(Read what critics and 2 [2] Hollywood producers have said below about my well being story)

Here’s the Indianapolis news paper article:

“Noah Rode Out Storm To Thrive”

by Tim Swarens

Courtesy of The Indianapolis Star (Friday, November 27, 1998)

Noah was eight when his father left him alongside a Georgia highway. The child waited alone to get a Greyhound bus driver to find out him. It takes him back in Florida, to home with his fantastic mother. But Noah’s mother was coping with a new boyfriend. Little boys were will no longer welcome. Noah was left to live on the streets of Tampa. Eventually obtained and shipped to an orphanage, he never saw his mum or dad again. An abandoned boy may be expected to become a bitter man. But Noah often exceeded expectations. At a time of the year when we give just good in your everyday living, Noah is also thankful with the bad. “God continues to be looking over me, protecting me and providing me with opportunities that I never can have had if I had stayed with my parents,” Noah says.